Rush Doshi



Rush Doshi is a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate innovator with over twenty years of experience in all stages of new venture development. Most recently he served as Entrepreneur-in- Residence at Citi Ventures where he leveraged design thinking and lean startup principles to mentor and operate a portfolio of early stage startups. Prior to Citi, Rush served as Innovation Director at Metlife Asia’s LumenLab where he led the incubation of new ventures across the APAC region.

Rush is a veteran of the New York startup scene and has founded and advised several startups including SuperGlued and Firetalk. SuperGlued was a social app for concertgoers that was acquired by Complex Media in 2012 and profiled in most innovative startup lists by Fast Company and Billboard Magazine. Rush previously held senior product and marketing roles at large scale media properties including Meetup (acquired by WeWork), AOL, BlackPlanet and Bolt. Rush is a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business with an MBA from Georgetown University.





"Keep listening. Keep changing. Keep starting over." Thurston Moore


Rework, by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried


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