Nima Sepasy



Nima Sepasy is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep experience across several industry verticals and geographies.  He works as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at GIANT Innovation, where he advises clients on developing new products and services, and executing on go-to-market strategies. Nima has a history of applying innovative processes to drive growth in industrial sectors.  He built Forge DC, a commercial construction company in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with a focus on large-scale industrial and commercial structures.  There he established a strong foothold in a highly competitive market by combining engineering and design capabilities in new ways within mechanical and electrical construction.

Prior to that, Nima built and scaled a commodity service business in Central Asia and Russia, partnering with companies such as DuPont and Dyno Nobel to solve challenges for large-scale oil and gas and mining companies.  He created end-to-end supply chains for hazardous chemicals and explosives by re-engineering logistics processes and navigating political and regulatory obstacles across borders.

More recently, Nima has worked on new corporate growth initiatives within the financial sector.  As a founder of HatchLabs, he delivered digital capabilities for clients including design and execution of digital properties and apps.  As a consultant at Citi Ventures, he focused on multiple initiatives for the global financial bank across their consumer and institutional lines of business.  This included conceiving and developing a strategy for a blockchain-based securities platform within Citi’s Institutional Clients Group.  




“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” Voltaire


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