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May 2, 2024
Case Studies
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NYU Langone Health

Building a product-oriented, user-centric culture among Healthcare IT Professionals


Increasing the innovative capabilities of a 1,000 person IT team within one of the world’s premier hospitals.

NYU Langone Health is a New York-based academic Health System that is regularly ranked one of the best hospitals in the United States. The Health System IT organization (MCIT) is the centralized IT team within NYU Langone, numbering close to 1,000 employees. Its role is to partner within the institution and beyond to develop and support innovative enterprise solutions for users and patients at the intersection of information and technology. In 2020, MCIT faced a key challenge:

How might we strengthen our culture of innovation and increase collaboration amongst our IT teams and organizational partners?

The team faced the additional difficulties of operating within the heavily regulated healthcare industry and managing complex digital workflows and systems integrations.

“The impact of the Everyday Innovators program has been tremendous. It has helped our IT organization turbocharge our practical innovation and design thinking skillsets, allowing us to collaborate more effectively through digital transformation across the enterprise.”

Caitlin Cronk

Senior Director of Digital Solutions

NYU Langone Health


Creating a “Product Owner” Mindset

NYU Langone launched their [GIANT] Everyday Innovator Program over several stages:

Cultural Audit

Through a series of stakeholder interviews, critical obstacles and opportunities to innovation and culture change were identified.


Innovation Master Class Program

In a series of dynamic Innovation Master Class Workshops, participants learned key innovation skills and mindsets that they could immediately apply in their jobs. By 2023, more than 250 team members from across MCIT completed this training, including project managers, product managers, managers, and business analysts.


Coaching Sessions

Workshop graduates requested on-demand coaching sessions to help them apply what they learned to their regular work tasks.


Communities of Practice & Leadership Engagement

Facilitated discussions were held to galvanize change. Their focus was on sharing innovation best practices and developing skills in a supportive environment. Executive leadership was also engaged, sponsoring, attending, and holding their teams accountable for putting the tools/language into practice.


An empowered team that delivers better solutions, faster.

Cultural Transformation

Employees have moved away from a project mindset to one oriented around a continuous product management lifecycle focused on delighting users, and meeting their needs.

Increased Customer Value

Whether helping patients, clinicians, researchers or students, MCIT members have increased the value and shortened the delivery time of their digital solutions.

Leadership Buy-in

Managers and executives are fully engaged in the innovation process, offering support and space for team members to fully adopt this new way of working.

Increased Collaboration

Employees are looking beyond the four walls of their departments and proactively thinking about opportunities with other partners.