Jeffrey Lagomarsino



Jeffrey helps organizations develop the human and social capital required to transform their innovative capabilities. With GIANT Innovation he works to apply social network approaches, including individual and organizational network analysis, to improve client outcomes. As an experienced entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Jeffrey has a track record of bringing innovative technologies and business models to market. He previously served as CMO and CLO of Volute, a company transforming professional development through a new educational technology platform and sharing economy model.  Prior to Volute, Jeffrey was Director of Columbia Business School's Global Leadership Program (GLEAM), where he led the development of digital leadership assessment tools and created new executive education programs and corporate research partnerships.

Jeffrey is also a faculty member for the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance, where he teaches executives on topics of Social Networks and Innovation. Jeffrey holds a BA from The George Washington University and an MA from Columbia University.




"Be like water." Bruce Lee.


Consilience, by E.O. Wilson.