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London Master Class: Corporate Innovation for All

  • TBC, Central London UK (map)

Our London Master Class in Corporate Innovation is a hands-on, three-day experiential workshop that teaches you how, when, and where to apply innovation methodologies within your organisation.

During this practical course, we’ll give you a real-world case study and guide you to apply the best of design thinking, lean startup, creativity and storytelling principles that make up the GIANT methodology. You’ll see first hand how innovation isn’t only reserved for innovation teams (!) and can be adopted by anyone using our simple framework, as demonstrated by global brands around the world.

London provides a learning environment for corporate innovation unmatched by any other city in the world, and we’ll hear from and connect with some of the best talent the ecosystem has to offer.

GIANT Innovation comes to London  

What will you get from this Master Class?

  • Gain a practical innovation toolkit consisting of the latest skills from lean startup, design thinking, creativity research and strategic communications  

  • Experience the London innovation ecosystem with a curated visits to meet and engage with corporate innovation practitioners working in house within innovation as well as startup studios that can provide unique insight into corporate innovation, startup entrepreneurship and frontier technology.

  • A 1:1 coaching session post-workshop to help you implement what what you have learned back at the office and guide you to overcome organisational barriers.

  • A copy of our Innovation Essentials, a short user-friendly guidebook that provides you all the frameworks used throughout the course, glossaries, and further suggested readings.

  • Membership to the Global GIANT Innovation Pioneer Network and access to a customised Slack channel for all attendees of the workshop to continue the learning long after the course is finished.

  • Follow-on option to co-design a bespoke GIANT Innovation Workshop for your team or organisation to help deliver a particular project.


Who should attend?

  • Innovation leaders, directors, and executives who are passionate about improving their skills and bringing more innovation into their organization.

  • Those involved with learning & development around innovation or digital transformation efforts within their organization.

  • Those interested in building a foundation in design thinking, lean startup, creativity skills and for hands-on tools to apply to their business models.


Why is the London Master Class Different?

  • Every GIANT facilitator has lived the reality of innovation, both as an industry practitioner and a startup entrepreneur.

  • Activities are based upon a “flipped classroom” approach wherein participants learn through continuous hands-on and practical exercises.

  • Our facilitators are also academics and educators, so we approach the communication of concepts with a rigour and simplicity that few others can offer.

How can I justify this investment internally? 

Here is what you might say... "This course will uniquely equip me to be an innovation architect within our organization. I will learn the latest skills and and thinking about corporate innovation and return refreshed, invigorated and ready to infuse innovation into all our operations. In addition, I will connect with leading corporate innovation practitioners and tech startups in London who can serve as an important resource to leverage our own efforts. I'll also meet like-minded participants from other firms who can share their own unique experiences with me so that we can grow and learn together. Companies and organizations as diverse as Fidelity Investments, Merck, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, Columbia University and the World Bank have all sent employees to GIANT Innovation training to bring these mindsets back to their workplaces."


What is the agenda?

Day 1: Foundations and Discovering Opportunities

9am-10am The fundamentals of innovation and the innovative mindset

  • Why the urgency to innovate within large enterprises. Why now?

  • How can it be created and applied practically in large organisations?           

10am-1pm Design thinking and reframing                    

  • Ethnographic interviewing and observation techniques.

  • Opportunity spaces and “How might we” statements.

  • Empathy and journey maps.

  • Jobs-to-done theory of innovation and value proposition mapping.

  • Field work: Digging into customer needs via your first ethnographic interviews.

1pm-2pm Lunch

  • A delicious lunch will be provided. Other refreshments will be available throughout the day as well as regular short breaks.

2pm-4pm Moving beyond brainstorming: Idea generation and creative problem solving

  • Debunking myths of creativity, idea generation, and brainstorming.

  • Ideation tools drawn from the latest creativity research: strategic intuition, TRIZ, and task unification.

  • Selecting the best ideas.                              

4pm-5.30pm Guest Panel

  • Hear from some of the Industry’s best Corporate Innovation Practitioners who will share their stories of success, and of course what they’d do differently next time!

5.30pm-7.30pm Innovators Speed Networking & Drinks (Optional)

  • A chance to meet a wider group of Innovation Practitioners from the London eco-system

  • We’ll facilitate the speed-networking so that you can meet meet 30+ peers in just 30 minutes to find out who you’d like to spend more time chatting to over the evening!

  • You can then relax with drinks and nibbles and simply enjoy meaningful conversation with people you know you’d like to chat to, avoiding the awkward part of wandering in to a room full of new people wondering where to start in the hope of meeting someone relevant!

Day 2: Building and testing business models

9am-1pm Lean startup and business model innovation

  • Business model innovation and business model design.

  • Introduction to and best use of lean startup methodology.

  • Understanding key concepts: Customer development, business model assumption ranking, early adopters, and the Build-Measure-Learn loop.

  • Collecting unbiased data through effective problem and solution interviews with customers (including dos and don’ts).    

  • Field work: running your first experiment with problem interviews.     

1pm-2pm Lunch

  • A delicious lunch will be provided. Other refreshments will be available throughout the day as well as regular breaks.

3pm-5.30pm Site visit to Innovation Hub            

  • Visit one of London’s top Innovation Hub’s to see how others are creating tests and experiments to validate where to explore focus areas

  • Founder Panel Discussion: hear from former corporate employees turned entrepreneurs on what they’d do differently if they were unleashed on their former environments, and what they feel collaborating with startups can offer corporates.

6.30-9pm Participant Dinner with Special Guests (optional)

A chance to sit back and enjoy dinner and drinks with your Master Class Colleagues as well as a few special guests from the Innovation ecosystem. We will curate a light discussion over the course of dinner but, the main aim is for you to relax and have fun!

Day 3: Scaling and Communicating innovation

9am-11am Lean Startup Part II   

  • Solution testing and MVP design.

  • Field work: Getting solution feedback to improve your business concept.        

11am-1pm Strategic communications and pitching             

  • Managing organisational politics around innovation and overcoming organisational barriers

  • Innovation pipeline and metrics

  • Pitch training, including non-verbal and verbal communications tools.             

1pm-1.45pm Lunch

  • A delicious lunch will be provided. Other refreshments will be available throughout the day as well as regular short breaks.

1.45pm-3.45pm Pitch Finale & Planning for Next Week

  • Each team will pitch the outcome of their case study to the rest of the class for a winner to be selected!

  • Discussion on how to apply the GIANT Innovation tools next week, starting Monday morning.

3.45pm Close

  • We will bid you farewell & let you head off in to the weekend for some well deserved rest! 

If you would like to discuss a tailored Master Class in Corporate Innovation for your organisation, contact us here.

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