Rigor of academia & the
viewpoint of practitioners

Gather Problems

By analyzing challenges through different lenses and exploring the insights that emerge, this behavior ensures that teams pursue solutions that are novel and incredibly relevant.

Ignite Ideas

Drawing on the latest creativity scholarship, this behavior provides an organized pathway to generate powerful ideas that can be applied at the individual or the group level.

Actualize Solutions

Using a lean startup approach, this behavior will allow teams to quickly flesh out their solutions and arrive at their equivalent of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Navigate Feedback

This behavior teaches individuals how to adopt a resilience mindset—to make failure a friend in order to iterate a solution.

Tell People

Using insights from network theory, leadership research and storytelling, this behavior shows teams how to successfully persuade target audiences.

The GIANT Innovation Solution

We help large organizations transform their teams into:



Learn essential behaviors for building a creative and collaborative culture.



Solve innovation challenges by generating prototypes that can be immediately implemented.



Connect different stakeholders to accelerate the innovation process.