We help organizations hear
and play the music of innovation.

When we hear the word “innovation,” we hear the words of Harry Nilsson’s 1969 hit, Everybody’s Talkin’.

Because when innovation is used by everyone to describe almost everything, who can hear a word they are saying? The definition of innovation is actually pretty simple:

“Something new + something useful.” It is not a synonym for technology, change or a way to look hip.

Large organizations grew to their size precisely because they succeeded in doing “something useful.” But the increasing pace of technological and environmental change is creating complex challenges that demand answers of innovation.

We founded GIANT Innovation to help large organizations cut through this noise by internally embedding processes of innovation. We translate empirical research into powerful tools that allow organizations to hear and play the music of innovation. To transform any team into a symphony of creative and collaborative problems solvers.

Our vision is to enable organizations and innovation to live together, inseparably and with total commitment. So when we now hear an organization say the “I” word, we hear the words Nilsson’s 1971 hit Without You:


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